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Welcome to The Auckland Project

21 September 2017

From September 21 2017, Auckland Castle Trust will be known as The Auckland Project – a name chosen to reflect its continued evolution and long-term aspirations, while still honouring its Auckland Castle roots.

The new name will begin appearing on adverts, signage and other promotional materials over the coming days and weeks, with audiences introduced to a new logo, colour scheme and range of specially designed sub-brands covering all elements of the charity’s Future Plans.

This includes the Auckland Tower, formerly known as the Welcome Building, as well as the Mining Art Gallery, Spanish Gallery, Faith Museum, Deer Park and Walled Garden.

The 900-year-old former residence for the Prince Bishops of Durham, which is tied so closely to the origins of the charity, will retain its historic title, Auckland Castle.

All logos include a distinctive arch shape, inspired by the architecture of Auckland Castle, as well as a colour and symbol carefully chosen to represent each element of the scheme, such as a miner’s pickaxe, a deer’s head and a flower.

To coincide with the launch of its new look, The Auckland Project is developing a new range of programmes for all ages, designed to increase educational attainment, enhance employability, boost community spirit and improve health and wellbeing over the next 20 years.

These initiatives will fall under three main banners – Skills for Life, aimed at helping participants build their talents and creating pathways to employment; Learning Throughout Life, providing events, courses and workshops for children, families and adults and Quality of Life, using art, heritage and faith to engage mind, body and spirit, with a particular focus on health and wellbeing.

Where possible, they will be delivered in partnership with other regional organisations, with a focus on communities within three miles of Auckland Castle.

For more information please see the full press release here or view the video of CEO, David Maddan left.

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