Mining Art Gallery

New Home for Paintings

The former Old Bank Chambers Building at 45 Market Place, is being transformed into a new gallery, showcasing paintings by County Durham’s miners and the wider mining community.

Created in partnership with Gillian Wales and Dr Robert McManners OBE, the new Mining Art Gallery will provide a permanent home for the renowned Gemini Collection of Mining Art, which includes more than 300 works by prominent local artists such as Tom McGuinness and Norman Cornish.

Using this powerful imagery the site will help visitors to understand what it felt like to work in the coalmines and shed light on why some miners felt it necessary to paint the dark, clamorous, claustrophobic and arcane world, otherwise denied to the gaze of those above ground.

As well as preserving a vital aspect of coalfield heritage for future study and appreciation, the Mining Art Gallery will also offer a wide range of opportunities to explore the history of mining and the impact it had, not just on those who worked there, but on the County Durham community as a whole.

Auckland Castle Trust is currently developing a programme of educational activities and community events to help the region’s residents engage with this heritage and plan to offer a number of volunteering opportunities within the gallery when it opens later this year.

The Mining Art Gallery is supported by The Gemini Collection, Sir John Priestman Charity Trust,  Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust, Bishop Auckland and Shildon Area Action Partnership and Dr Robert McManners OBE and Stefa McManners.

Work on the site is currently being carried out by Bishop Auckland-based contractors, Redfern Building Services Ltd and this page will be updated regularly with news, images and films of the development as it progresses.

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